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Founded in 1975, the firm began with the premise that a relatively small group of professionals composed of the right people working closely and consistently together could solve certain design problems more efficiently than a large organization.  We’ve found that to be true not only of conventional small-scale projects, but also for our most complex urban planning and architectural assignments.

Our mission is to honor our clients through design of sites and buildings that are visionary, yet functionally and technically appropriate. Through our commitment to learn and understand the institutions, cultural principles, and natural phenomena that give form to communities, we strive to create structures and spatial experiences that speak to the human spirit. Our goal for every undertaking is to create an environment that fosters design excellence — through programming, through process, in planning and in buildings.

Our organization is a community of designers, professionals who apply their individual and collective talents to solving problems and identifying opportunities through rigorous research and design exploration. Our mode of operation is collaboration both within the studio and in concert with those citizens, clients, builders, and fellow design specialists that are committed to the highest standards of professional practice and personal ethics. Where our firm excels is in our ability to extend that collaboration to include individuals outside of the architectural realm, including users, citizen committees, and local officials and politicians. Our work truly takes into consideration the wishes of all, and hears and respects all voices – a lesson we have learned from our work with Native American communities.

Our commitment is to create architecture as art, contributing to the reconstruction of communities in our work and in our relationships with the people, cultures and institutions we have the opportunity to serve.

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